Janice La Motta
Chandelier no. 25Chandelier no. 24Chandelier no. 26Chandelier no. 23Chandelier no. 22Chandelier no. 20Chancelier no. 19Chandelier no. 18Chandelier no. 17Chandelier no. 16Chandelier no. 15Chandelier no. 14Chandelier no. 13Chandelier No. 12Chandelier No. 9Chanedlier No. 11Chandelier no. 8Chandelier no. 6Chandelier no. 7Chandelier no. 5Chandelier no. 3Chandelier no. 2Chandelier no. 1
As all around us they sing, light prosperous in the chandeliers and candelabrums even though we are no longer here.

-Bret R. Crabrooke